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    Redstone Farm

    A maze-like house offers refuge on a large but secluded farm. 'You're gonna need more than a pitchfork...' *COMPLETE 1.1 RELEASE! (small bugfix of 1.0)* Every room on all four floors of the house is different. The farmyard also has its ...

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    Breaking Point
    Beta N/A

    ---------------- 27/3/2012 ---------------- Haven't been on hammer for a while now but was thinking about re-doing this map, putting new textures, new layout ( still the same banker though cos it's bad ass!). Wanna know wot u guys think ...

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    Space Harrier

    Space Harrier is a one of a kind map for Left 4 Dead. Avoid incoming missiles fired from flying trucks and orbs while dodging trees, rocks, bushes and other objects placed in your path.

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    Reproduce the NES version of The Legend of Zelda Map. Obtain gold keys and complete puzzles / objectives to unlock doors that allow you to progress further into the dungeons of doom.


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