• 5 Maps
    L4D1 CG Scene L4D1 CG 场景还原

    The scene of L4D1 CG animation is made. Go down from the beginning, please go to the right You can play survival mode with your teammates 你可以跟你的队友玩生还者模式 还原了L4D1 CG动画场景. 从一开始的地方下去,请往右走. 地图名 hospital0...

  • 5 Maps
    Silent Hill Damn Basement

    WARNING! It is designed for two players, Francis and Zoey. If you choose Louis or Bill, some triggers and buttons will not work for you. Francis and Zoey got into an unknown basement and now they need to get out of here. It is not re...

  • 6 Maps
    Escape From Toronto (Music Fix)

    On the 5th mission (City of the Falls) there is an excellent jukebox in the club, at the start of which there is a horde, and an excellent song of the "System of the Down - B.Y.O.B." group also starts playing. But now I can't hear her. A...


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