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  • A long explorable campaign like SH

    I took 4 hours to play this from map 1 to finale. Well, I was kind of late to test this campaign, because back then I still didn't have enough motivation to play a long campaign. It's a campaign with exploration feature on all of the maps except finale & a map before finale, as the finale is a boss battle & the map before finale is like a mini finale. Bot navigation is good enough, except on last few maps as they often run somewhere else or simply just stand still until players reach certain areas. However, most areas are too dark & even with a flashlight mod that increases brightness, that still doesn't help much. Other than being too dark, what's lacking here is the direction. Even with some existing guide arrows, players can still get lost. For example, on a certain map there's a saferoom somewhere above a container. There's no clue about this, & even the ladder can be missed as the place is too dark.
    Well in short, to play this campaign with less problem, try not to run randomly as almost all maps are explorable. & if you play with bots, prepare a mod like admin system to warp bots when their navigation is bugged on last few maps. If bot navigation is fixed & more brightness is added to most maps, probably this will be a long campaign as good as the old "Silent Hill" campaign with 12 maps to enjoy.

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