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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Tour of Terror
Tour of Terror created by novalin.
Reviews (141)
View my complete portfolio, read my blog, and link to my Twitter @ dangerforce dot com Escape Eastern Europe! * Turn Game Instructor on to see important HUD messages Credits LEVEL DESIGN & MAPS Brian Riggsbee POSTER Matt Waggle ADDITIONAL TEXTURES Brian Riggsbee, Drew Chiaro, Matt Waggle, Arthur Klein PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS Brian Riggsbee MUSIC Valentino - Ponekad
Version: 5.5  (Final)
Last Updated: 11/25/11
Released: 11/25/11
Author: novalin
Publisher: novalin
Maps: 5/5
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: tourofterror.vpk  
Size: 216.75MB
Fun. The density of supplies makes sure you don't run dry. Multiple machine guns. Custom music.
Didn't care much for the multiple special infected at the end of Map 3. Finale was anticlimactic compared to the rest of the campaign. Supply locations predictable.
An entertaining romp through the Balkans. Worth giving a try at the very least. Gameplay flow was a bit lopsided, but is still manageable.
Original ideas Good object's aranjament's on the map
It's too easy Appears alot of ERROR banner's, and once I bugge myself in a building. I don't know if it's from map or from me, but I needed to rr the map campaign (map 3 I guess) Too easy, alot of wep bullet's spots, and other items. It will be harder with a little less "save points"
Nice, but could be better.
- Lots of original ideas. - The Castle - Lovely map 4
- Found finale too easy - Laggs coming from map 3 (I don't know if they're caused by the campaign)
All in all, I have been playing this campaign for 2 years and I never get rid of it. However, I think some small changes would make it amazing like making finale a bit more difficult (Maybe 2 Tanks Spawning? Dunno) I just wanted to give you some ideas with this review. Good Job.
- The Campaign is very funny and entertaining - Cool evironment - The Map is big
- I don´t know if this only happened to me but in Chapter 2 when you have to activate the elevator my partners walked to the cliff and fall to their deaths leaving me completely alone just before a horde appeared. Not only that, when i managed to survive against them by my own even with the special infected i waited for them to respawn and rescued them once, they get to the elevator with me they teleport far away to the highway over and over so i quit the campaign and could´t finish it for that * Note: That happened to me when i was using the third person view, so i can´t say if that´s the reason
Conclusion: It´s a really good map and the environment is big for a Left 4 Dead campaign but as i told you before, i don´t know if this annoying glitch it´s because of me
- love the European environment - love the many historical buildings seen along the way - love the ending music after finishing the campaign; very creative - the gauntlet events aren't that hard; it's possible to play it on expert - a very nice poster for this campaign; love it!
there doesn't seem to be anything bad about this campaign
Perfect. Just the thing I'm looking for. But there is something confusing like the part where it says evil is coming or something like that; what does that mean? Overall, a very high quality campaign and I think the creator really took a long time to make this, he or she should be rewarded!
Last Updated: 11/25/11 Version: 5.5  (Final) Views: 1,331,794
Uh, it's Middle Europe, not Eastern Europe. Just a little mistake you did...
If anyone has any fun screenshots from this campaign please send them my way at novalin @ g m a i l d-o-t c o m.
This campaign conflicts with one of the Speed Boost campaigns, but I'm not sure which one. Speed Boost made some campaigns called Beginning Hours, Last Hours, Frozen, and Revenge. That's why I was seeing pink and black textures in the second map of this campaign. I know he used custom textures in the Frozen campaign.
I think some people saw error signs in this campaign because they didn't have Valve's Missing Content Fix installed. I didn't see any of those error signs, but I did see missing textures in the second map of this campaign. I had to open a gate. There were missing textures around that mounted machine gun that sits in front of the gate. This campaign is not the real problem. The problem is that Valve made updates to Left 4 Dead 2. That created missing textures in some campaigns. I even get missing textures in the last map of the Cold Stream campaign.
Hi all - Shameless, but relevant, personal plug: I'm working on another zombie project right now, that isn't quite a video game. I don't want to say too much yet, since I'm still developing it, but I can say it has zombies, is an adventure, and takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'll blog about it on my website some time soon at dangerforce d o t c o m.
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