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Blood Tracks created by Christopher Collini.
Final version 3.1 4 Map campaign, new weapons, new music! Supports all modes including scavenge and survival
Version: 3.1  (Final)
Last Updated: 07/03/12
Released: 07/03/12
Author: Christopher Collini
Publisher: collini_neut
Maps: 4/4
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: bloodtracks.vpk  
Size: 151.51MB
Last Updated: 07/03/12   Version: 3.1  (Final)    
- As a fan of post-apocalyptic design, I've got to say that the areas in the campaign are some of the best I've seen: they look run-down, gritty, and real, almost as if they were abandoned well before the zombies took up residence. (Much like a lot of industrial areas in backwoods parts of the US.) - The overall layout of levels is very organized and clean: you can actually frequently pick out the various alternate paths available and decide which one to take. -- Speaking of alternate paths, the middle three levels are some of the most fantastically open I've played in the game. I've always like it when the game's able to open up and breathe a little bit. -- Supply placement is ace: I spent enough time on low health to generate a lot of tension, but there were always just enough pills and medkits to prevent a team wipe. -- Clever placement of special weapons. -- Lighting, fog, and CC are all very reminiscent of Blood Harvest-- except I think this game's wooded areas are a lot more interesting. -- Two very clever events. (Voice acting on the first one in question is quite nice.) -- The structure of the finale arena is really great-- there are tons of good spots to hold out, but they're all vulnerable enough to require you to keep moving.
I can't really think of any-- it's clear that a lot of attention has been paid to ironing out the various bugs and kinks in the campaign.
Overall this is a really, really solid campaign. One of the few I'd gladly take over what Valve selected to add to the game.
-Nice lighting and mood with music and weather -Love the environment, especially at the start. -Relative scarcity of supplies is well balanced to challenge players to be conservative with them -Good length -Good mix of outside and inside combat -Appropriate placement of dialogue and comments
Error icons (listing what I remember): -Part 2: 1 near the dead paratrooper and 2 not far from the cabins. -Part 3: 1 in the building shortly after Zoey's comment about train yards -Part 4: 3 surrounding the mortar on the train car The building covering the generator just outside the door that spawns the tank was bright purple and black The music they plays at the start of each part will distort sometimes while playing. Recommend 4 pistols at the beginning instead of 3
This is a great map design with a few bugs as listed. That was the extent of the issues I had.
I'm a bit late, but the Missing Content Fix seems to cover your problems.
-Nice Lighting -Nice Enviorment -A nice story -Great details -Custom melee weapons -Feels like the sacrafice, and oddly, i like this campaign, but i hated the sacrafice
-This doesn't bug me, but icons for the new custom weapons would have been nice
This is a well made campaign, with a nice story, and a great enviorment, the areas felt realistic, and the custom melee weapons were a great addition.
-Nice use of red and red lighting -A proper story -Good trigger events -Well made maps and environments -Custom weapons (that I didn't use ha) -Proper sun and time usage throughout the maps -Custom music
-A couple of maps were short -Finale was a bit hard, for us anyway
Well made map. Nice additions to the game. Realistic areas.
There's unfortunately no way to avoid them it seems. I think there is a lighting issue that's causing the problem. I don't know if it will be fixed or not. The last update to this campaign was over two years ago.
So, can anyone solve it?
I guess there may be one way to fix it even if we're not the author.
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