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Redemption II created by Morloc.
Redemption takes place midway through the L4D comic strip, it continues the story after the survivors flee the military base they were taken to after blood harvest and that leads to the Sacrifice campaign. The campaign includes: * 5 large maps that traverse through a new and revealing HELIX Research environment * 5 Completley New Melee weapons (They DONT replace any other Melee!!) * Custom content including textures, models, sounds, particles and ingame animation * Extensive detail overhaul from the L4D version * NPC's that add to the unfolding storyline * New panic events & traps * Dynamic supplies and paths * Easter eggs & New final mechanic
Version: 2.2  (Complete)
Last Updated: 01/15/14
Released: 01/15/14
Author: Morloc
Publisher: M_orloc
Maps: 5/5
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: redemptionii.vpk  
Size: 373.95MB
Mode: Co-Op, Campaign,
Last Updated: 01/15/14   Version: 2.2  (Complete)    
So cool but,where are the canisters from the finale?
+ Superb Amount of Health Kits and Supplies + L4D1 characters + Laser sights available + Custom Melee Weapons( love that ZB leg)
- Bots took too long to help incapaciated ally - Bots are stupid at times, getting stuck - Lots of Splitters and Chargers more than other special infected. - Troublesome Finale
Not a bad map actually but finale wise the part where you need to get the fuel canister is too far apart from each other. Other than that I got no problem at all, its worth to go for it, be it advanced or Expert mode I highly recommend but it is still best to play with your friends instead of bots :)
Funny, as I don't control AI spawning.. maybe you were unlucky with the director. As for the canisters being too far apart.. I have to disagree.. they are in the same room and felt if anything too close together :)
Do you ever plan to continue development on the L4D1 version?
Im now working with the black mesa source dev team so my time for other things are really limited. I havent forgotten about the l4d1 version but its way down on my list of things.
you have to face away from the train at the end to get in, other wise it pushes you away some kinda sick joke by the designer or somethin'
The Map Is So Fantastic.. But Like hec said.. Stupid Bots in Some parts, and Too Much Spitter Maybe :v But I Like your Maps.. Crashed In The Last Chapter..
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