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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Yama
Yama created by the0rthopaedicsurgeon.
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A 5-map campaign set in various locations throughout Japan. Survivors start in Tokyo's red light district, escaping to Kyoto's Kiyomizu temple, before moving further into the mountains the next morning. Includes versus mode, which works but wasn't tested much as it was only included as a bonus. Also includes survival mode in 3 of the 5 maps. Credits ------- Marcel at CG Textures Miguel Moran ThaiGrocer Morning Nine Nine Ryan Rectus Hip Hop King L4Dmods L4D modding list Mapcore L4Dmaps Everyone else who helped playtest
Version: 2.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 12/20/12
Released: 12/20/12
Author: the0rthopaedicsurgeon
Publisher: surgeon
Maps: 5/5
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: l4d_yama.vpk  
Size: 321.18MB
Tagged: L4D1 Survivors,
-Very detailed -Liked the intro -Never seen a map like this Before -(Spoiler Alert) finding gas and going down for the helicopter -Traveling you to another city Hard Core -Outstanding Atmosphere
-I saw 6-10 ERRORS which is annoying -Cars looks unrealistic -Most of the door cant be opened
A very Good map all I can say which is I recommend you playing it. Ignore the Errors (I didn't Ignore it I went crazy so Ignore it) Good for playing with friends And the map creator is the best P.S. Do I look Beautiful
Very well made Refreshingly complex Moderately challenging At times, i felt like i had to actually fight for survival (Played on Normal) Very well placed items and weapons Remarkably realistic A nice change of pace from normal custom campaigns
The only things keeping this from a perfect 10 are two issues with the finale. If you're hanging on an edge, the AI seems to forget your existence and you're left hanging (pun intended). Also, there's a chance that a Charger will come and blast you off the roof of the hotel, resulting in an instant game over. Not really a con, but there's an overabundance of bilejars in chapter 1.
While it can run pretty long (my first playthrough was 2 hours 22 minutes), I would call this an essential addition to any custom campaign collection. Very well made, and apart from a few small issues I consider it to be perfect.
• Excellent ambientation - it really looks and feels like a cramped Japanese city when chaos strikes • Amazing use of special effects (dat plane crash!) • The tram ride is definitely an original; I've never seen a transportation across a map like that save for the comparatively poorly implemented boat in SaltHell Park
• No Magnums anywhere and super-rare melee weapons, forcing players to go with pistols or pistols (-1.0) • In the first map, there are SEVERAL spots where there are unjustified hitboxes on the street that can get you stuck - horrible when facing a tank (that's a critical flaw: -2.0) • Washed-out graphics from the second map and onwards; come on, Japan is beautiful, I wanna see some colors! (-0.3)
Good and worthy of a re-play or several once you get over the problems, but it can get frustrating at times. A warning to anyone that judges this based on graphical errors: DOWNLOAD THE MISSING CONTENT FIX ADD-ON FIRST. It's not the devs' fault that Valve ripped those elements from the game with an update, and that's happened to several campaigns, so don't make moot points in your reviews.
1) The maps are stunningly beautiful. 2) The spawning of special infected is frequent but manageable. 3) Events placement is good. 4) Excellent atmosphere.
1) It could use a bit of music, honestly. In the second map, a 4-seconds clip is looping again and again and it's irritating. 2) Mediocre to Bad weapon / ammo placement. 3) Some models don't load and we see huge "error" signs. 4) It's easy to lose your path in the first map. 5) Most important of them all, it keeps crashing after the second safe room, from where you started. For example, if you start playing from the beginning, it crashes before map 3, if you play from the second map, it crashes before map 4. The left4dead2.exe stops working and you get thrown back to your desktop.
OVERALL: An excellent campaign that is "infected" with a horrible disease and some other minor "flu-symptoms". I highly suggest this map but be aware of its problems!
1. The map is fun. 2. Many parts are challenging. 3. I love the detail in the design. 4. It is Creative. 1. El mapa es muy divertido. 2. Muchas partes son un reto. 3. Me encanta el detalle en el diseño. 4. Es creativo.
1. Some models do not load, remaining the sign of ERROR. I think there were four cars and a few things within 4 doors by the final maps. 1. Algunos modelos no cargan, queda el letrero de ERROR. Creo que fueron cuatro carros y unas cosas dentro de 4 puertas por los mapas finales.
This map should be in every L4D. I love it. Good work! Este mapa debería estar en todos los L4D. Me encanta. Buen trabajo!!
Last Updated: 12/20/12 Version: 2.0  (Complete) Views: 943,165
Enjoyed this map, it was a nice setting but i did get lost a few times. I suppose that is part of the fun, one or two error signs but that didn't affect much or make the map any less enjoyable. Thanks
Is there a newer version
Amazing Map :D
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