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This is the l4d2 version of the l4d1 Silent Hill, 12 maps long campaign created originally by Leafo. You can now run it in L4D2 perfectly without crash. Tested by me. NOTE: DON'T JUST DOUBLE CLICK TO INSTALL THIS MAP, you need to manually put the vpk file in: Steam/steamapps/common/Left 4 dead 2/left4dead2/addons folder (creat one if doesn't exist) -------------------- SH Sound Pack -------------------- (check External Link in download page) Add the SH background music and creepy sound effects into the campaign. Highly recommended for best experience.
Version: 1.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 01/28/12
Released: 01/28/12
Author: Original : Leafo , Crash Fix : Anmamiya X
Publisher: 22029206
Maps: 7/7
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: silenthill.vpk  
Size: 598.45MB
Mode: Co-Op, Campaign,
-Creepy & dark atmosphere. -Foggy like Silent Hill. -Feels just like a Silent Hill game, only with the style of L4D2 of course. -Puzzles. -Long maps. -Always keeps me interested. -Not boring at all, despite many play throughs. -The alternatives of levels is creepy enough in itself, the render of the darkness is amazing. -Lovely textures and models.
-Bots aren't too bright. -Zombies sometimes spawn in front or in back of player. (Which is understandable to an extent, seeing how the atmosphere of the map is, confusing the director.) -Could use a little more music from Silent Hill. -Minor bugs. -Spawn points are a little off sometimes. -Finale map crashes most of the time, not sure if that's just me, but worth mentioning in case.
This map has always been one of my favorites since L4D1, it's one I do recommend out of a few to those who are looking for new maps to play. It's better to play with 4 players instead of bots, since the bots tend to be stupid at times. I could never really get bored of this map, seeing as it's long and an adventure each time around. This map is worth the try if you're looking for something interesting and different.
Same review, like the campaign "Silent Hill 1" The world of Silent Hill is fully respected The spirit of Silent Hill is fully respected A lot of work. Conscientious work. Meticulous work. Very well built. Not too easy Long maps Not boring The fog, like in Silent Hill No frills Puzzles Alternative worlds are great ! The enemies of the game (Numb Body, Siam, Armless Man or Lying Figure, Double Head, ...) L4D2
Same review, like the campaign "Silent Hill 1" not enough open doors many bugs when the distances are large (the lengh of view) bots are very stupid not enough music of Silent Hill not enough ambient noises of Silent Hill
For me : I love it ! Very good campaign ! very respectful. A big job. It is a campaign made ​​for fan of Silent Hill as "Silent Hill: Otherside of Life", I highly recommend these both campaigns. Thank you Leafo, your work is a great pleasure ! Adding new models and new sounds for the specials of your campaign "Silent Hill : otherside of life", it would be great !
Incredible atmosphere Neat custom textures and models Challenging gameplay Puzzles Extremely long
Spawning is terrible- all spawning in plain sight No L4D2 weapons like magnums and melee make realism near impossible Very scarce ammo piles
As a map, this campaign measures up to the rest of Leafo's excellent maps with great attention to detail and careful fidelity to its theme. The creepy atmosphere combined with the difficulty level make this a truly miserable experience (in a good way). As a port, this campaign needs some serious attention and TLC. While dual pistols only is quite appropriate and expected in L4D1 versions, the changed game mechanics of L4D2 require some better weapons; the extremely rare ammo piles combined with the lack of melee and magnums made realism an awful and unpleasant experience. Opening up this map also revealed issues with the port; some zombie spawns were scripted as CI spawns. The issues with the port made this an abysmal journey. CI spawns on top of players with no warning resulted in damage/incaps/death almost instantly on expert, and the lack of melee and magnums made it impossible to defend from these surprise hordes. No ammo meant that we relied on the dual pistols for headshots, which was pretty damn hard with their poor aim. As a whole, this port is definitely not worth playing. It might be doable on regular campaign mode in normal or something, but not appropriate for higher difficulty games.
Nostalgic moments from the original Silent Hill game; Long campaign(6 hours); References from the Original Silent Hill; The Puzzles; The atmosphere; Hard Difficulty ,Scarce Ammo and First Aid Kits, like in the Original Silent Hill game.
WTF Moments; Retarded Bots; Bad textures; Zombies spawning in front of player.
Excellent campaign, recommended for Silent Hill fans (Like Me) and Survival Horror Lovers.
-Well Scripted -HARD AS BALLS ON EXPERT -Perfect Atmosphere -Gives a real sense of fear like original game
-Textures might not load from time to time (10% chance of this happening)
one of the better maps i've ever played I really recommend it
Last Updated: 01/28/12 Version: 1.0  (Complete) Views: < 500
I'm not finding the sound pack anywhere..
This map is a lot less material packages where to go looking for?
This map is a lot less material packages where to go looking for?
Hey, do you mind reuploading the soundpack since the new layout of the site killed the mirror? Thanks!
so i tried downloading this map from 3 different mirrors and each time it says "cannot extract as zip" any tips?
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