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Silent Hill: Otherside of Life created by Leafo.
This was designed as an Single Player experience in mind. Players who are strong-willed with large amount of patience, stubborn and are also willing to sacrifice in order for the team to advance, then give this a shot. This campaign is based on various events, real life locales and other weird stuff from Games, TV Shows and other random stuff. Change the shader to HIGH or VERY HIGH for best visual experience. READ the change log for all the mods used and do not ask for them in the comment section. If the story, the ending is confusing or hard to understand and want an explanation? PM me and I'll answer. VMF's at external link for those who wants them.
Version: 4.6  (Complete)
Last Updated: 07/15/14
Released: 04/05/14
Author: Leafo
Publisher: Leafo
Maps: 7/7
Map Size: X-large
Max Players: 4
Size: 766.75MB
Mode: Co-Op, Campaign,
Last Updated: 07/15/14   Version: 4.6  (Complete)    
Awesome map. :B Saludos! desde Argentina.
Hello I can't play in your map in LAN multiplayer Respond pls
Disable other addons and retry.
Map does no match the version on the server (String table differs) Wich one is my problem?
Which one is my problem?**
That the server is using an different (Older) version of this campaign at the moment.
Ok thanks :D
I just joined here just to tell you that your work is exquisite. The campaign captures the essence of Silent Hill and you my friend have to make more campaigns like this. Grettings from Mexico! Excellent work!
Hello, i play on steam. whenever i paste the file in addons folder and start the game, i cant see the map in my addons section and when i go back in the folder the file disappers
Dark, scary and very creepy. Perfect music and atmosphere. Love the details, in the whole map. The chapters were very good, even the puzzles were awesome.
No cons here.
A true work of art, for any real Silent Hill fan. I so loved every inch and second of the map, the music, the atmosphere, the feeling of the town watching your every move, I loved it! I have to say max rating because you really brought the feeling of terror and fear, back into a series that's long died. Thank you for this amazing map.
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