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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Silent Hill: Otherside of Life
Silent Hill: Otherside of Life created by Leafo.
Reviews (58)
This was designed as an Single Player experience in mind. Players who are strong-willed with large amount of patience, stubborn and are also willing to sacrifice in order for the team to advance, then give this a shot. This campaign is based on various events, real life locales and other weird stuff from Games, TV Shows and other random stuff. Change the shader to HIGH or VERY HIGH for best visual experience. READ the change log for all the mods used and do not ask for them in the comment section. If the story, the ending is confusing or hard to understand and want an explanation? PM me and I'll answer. VMF's at external link for those who wants them.
Version: 4.6  (Complete)
Last Updated: 07/15/14
Released: 04/05/14
Author: Leafo
Publisher: Leafo
Maps: 7/7
Map Size: X-large
Max Players: 4
Size: 766.75MB
Mode: Co-Op, Campaign,
Dark, scary and very creepy. Perfect music and atmosphere. Love the details, in the whole map. The chapters were very good, even the puzzles were awesome.
No cons here.
A true work of art, for any real Silent Hill fan. I so loved every inch and second of the map, the music, the atmosphere, the feeling of the town watching your every move, I loved it! I have to say max rating because you really brought the feeling of terror and fear, back into a series that's long died. Thank you for this amazing map.
- Incredibly recreation of Silent Hill - Creepy Atmosphere (really scary as hell) - Custom Skins for Tank and weapons - Survival Horror feeling - Scary Music - Scary unexpected events -
- I´ve played only until the second chapter wich is too long and very challening for a single player mutation. The difficult level is ok but it´s very long to even survive enough
The best campaign based on Silent Hill, the detail and recreation is impressive and that prologue scared the hell out of me!
- Each survivor gets their own custom skin, and I truly loved how each of them felt like true Silent Hill characters. - Custom Weapon mods replace the old guns for a better Silent Hill experience. - The Special Infected get custom skins and sounds as well, and that itself shows the dedication to this awesome campaign. - The Last Level, omg. - It's a fun experience with friends. - If you're a Silent Hill junkie, it actually helps with this campaign.
- It's easy to get lost once you get into town because it's so gosh darn big. - Wandering off will guarantee your death (more so a warning, not a con). - No map anywhere (or even a HUD map), but obviously that can be a pro as well. Think of this as a Silent Hill 2 run with no map because maps are for n00bs. - You're going to die a lot if you don't work together. - You're going to die a lot. - No seriously, have fun dying a lot. - Solo with Bots is a bit... Eh... Play with friends.
Overall, this map is amazing. I was not disappointed at all when I jumped it. The creepy ambiance was just like Silent Hill games, so you can tell the author did extraordinarily well paying close attention to the game's core mechanics. I can say I was stuck at the beginning, because nowhere does it tell you to all gather up in one place. I won't spoil anything, but the last level is going to be one wild ride.
Great atmosphere Custom weapon Custom special infected Very detailed Amazing light & shadow effect Great customized sound & BGM
Map2 is too long and almost no ammo supply, it makes map2 the most difficult part relative to other maps.
I think here are many others already explain how amazing it is, i don't wanna waste time saying it again, just download it and play.
- Amazing atmosphere. - Unique. - Random events. - Search for specific objects. - Creeps and spooks. - High detailed. - Silent Hill Style. - Custom items, models, sounds. - A whole new thing. - THE ENDING!
- It was quite long. - Easily frustrated. - Darkness. - Where to go.
This campaign is REALLY amazing, it is so unique and got an amazing atmosphere. The first couple of maps you really get the spook feeling and that makes it really great with zombies and all. Random events which just maked it even better. I must say tho, it was quite long and you sometimes felt like you were running around in circles. Really like the idea of "search and find" but it took quite a while. There were some places where it was dark, really dark, and that could really mess with you, it was both quite nice but also frustrating. Overall - This campaign is one of the best I have played, you can really see that there has been put a lot of work into it. And then we have, The Ending... I freaking LOVED IT! So amazing and so unexpected, it was really cool made and it actually gave me freaking goosebumps. Loved how this campaign was made, it really had everything, hope to see a lot more work from you. Keep it up!
Last Updated: 07/15/14 Version: 4.6  (Complete) Views: 517,869
Okay- obviously I'm missing something. I'm stuck on the first map, and have cleaned out the 3-story scaffolded building where the "I wonder where that hole in the ground goes" comment is. I also saw the "hidden door" note. I have searched, and can't find the portal to the next part of the map. Any hints?
Awesome map. :B Saludos! desde Argentina.
Hello I can't play in your map in LAN multiplayer Respond pls
Disable other addons and retry.
Map does no match the version on the server (String table differs) Wich one is my problem?
Which one is my problem?**
That the server is using an different (Older) version of this campaign at the moment.
Ok thanks :D
I just joined here just to tell you that your work is exquisite. The campaign captures the essence of Silent Hill and you my friend have to make more campaigns like this. Grettings from Mexico! Excellent work!
Hello, i play on steam. whenever i paste the file in addons folder and start the game, i cant see the map in my addons section and when i go back in the folder the file disappers
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