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Let's Build:Deconstruction created by Mapeater.
New Update 06/17/13. READ THE CHANGELOG Players must build barricades to protect themselves,loot corpses and research weapons while looking for carparts to complete the car,fuel it and escape the madness.
Version: 3.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 06/17/13
Released: 06/17/13
Author: Mapeater
Publisher: MapEater
Maps: 1
Map Size: Large
Max Players: 8
File: lb_deconstruction.vpk  
Size: 29.26MB
Last Updated: 06/17/13   Version: 3.0  (Complete)    
So, whenever I try to laod this, in single or multiplayer, my L4D2 closes out.
Good map if you're into demolition and remodeling
Allright. Here's the deal.
The map iself is awesome.
It was confusing for our team to find the battery, but we eventually found it.
However, the issues were mostly Tanks. It was tough even on easy.
You see, the FINALE END got triggered BEFORE we finished the car.
We had two parts left, and hadn't put any gas in the car yet, and the rescue music played, with a constant horde and two tanks spawning at the same time frequently.
Not sure if that was purposely done.
Regardless, another issue is that one or two building had missing wall textures outside (purple/black checkers)
If I remember correctly, the building directly in front of the windows outside the spawn saferoom is one of the textureless buildings.
Does this map require some extra resource mod of any kind?
- Its fun, Especially in finding the parts - Infected flood, It adds difficulty to the game - I like the idea of gas scavenging after finding all of the parts - Looting corpses - No witches - Long map - Saferoom - L4D1 Survivors - Special infected are doing a good teamwork - The way you design it makes it look real because I think I saw a road like this when I was driving. - Whitakers gun shop
- No tanks - Hard to find the last part (car engine) - At first I didnt know what to do I realized you just go to the garage and activate the switch there then you can build stuff. - Hunter spam - The other areas are to dark even with flashlight - Its confusing sometimes when you get the gascans (Consider it a maze)
Gameplay was 1 hour on expert so my cons and pros are based on only one gameplay on expert difficulty the textures are well detailed and etc. But it could use a few improvements like adding exploding barrels, propane tanks and everything else but not gascan. I might as well play this when im bored or while downloading other maps. Great job on this map! you deserve a 9.4/10 I like and approve this map
I will make a review later (You need to play it first, You cant judge a book by its cover)
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