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End of the Line created by insane3004.
You have nowhere left to run... In this map, the zombies will only spawn from one direction... Expected survival time for most team, even solo player, is no less than ten minutes... ***After eight months of searching for the origins of the song featured in the map... I finally found it!... The song is called 'Asalto al Galeon' by composer Roque Banos... and of course, I claim no rights to the song, all rights to this wonderful song belongs to him...***
Version: 2.5  (Final)
Last Updated: 04/06/13
Released: 04/06/13
Author: insane3004
Publisher: insane3004
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: 4
File: end of the line.vpk  
Size: 52.05MB
Mode: Survival,
Last Updated: 04/06/13   Version: 2.5  (Final)    
What the f*ck?!only survival?!
It was specifically design and build around the idea and concept of survival mode... Its whole gimmick is the idea that the infected come from one direction, and it becomes increasingly difficult to hold onto the front lines... Its whole purpose was to create a fun and challenging experience for both seasoned and new players... Is there some problem with it being solely designed and crafted around ONE mode... instead of it being a half-assed piece of shit on all modes?...
I added this map to my game and seems it conflict to many other addon maps or item mods
cause my game crashed again and again.....
Are you sure it was this addon?... There really isn't much in it to conflict with... though it still might be a possibility...
If you can do some experimenting... trying only this addon, only other addons... this and a few others... if you can help me know what it conflicts with... I can do some research and fix the problem...
+ great bridge design + adequate supplies + lots of defensive places + awesome music. gets u pumped up for the hordes
nothing i could think of
play this map. it's awesome!
can someone help me? i really wan to play this map but after i got in, i didn't get any guns nor hordes. in the end, i ended up listening to the song. great song btw. why does this sort of thing happen? it happens to some other maps too.
Could you be a bit more descriptive of the scenario?... Because from what it sounds... you are not launching in survival mode... as the weapons are set only to spawn during survival...

Provide more detailed information... and I will do my best to help...
haha waddayaknow i 'fixed' it.
yeap, i didn't launch it in survival mode. thanks for that!
giving my review after this comment. great map!
I love this map.
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