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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Day Break
Day Break created by DannBo.
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After nearly 5 years of work, I'm happy to bring you: Day Break! The survivors must escape San Francisco before the military bombs it! The survivors have to make their way out of the city, crossing the Golden Gate, and take a boat to Alcatraz Island.
Version: 2.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 10/03/13
Released: 10/03/13
Author: DannBo
Publisher: DannBo
Maps: 5/5
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: daybreak_v2.vpk  
Size: 116.07MB
Mode: Co-Op, Versus, Campaign,
Tagged: L4D2 Survivors,
- Good story and fun places to go.(my favorite was the bridge. - The graphics weren't so bad. -nice interiors.
- The chapters are too long -It was unclear where to go on some places
This campaign is too long and i'm not going too play this again, even the 'fun' places we're in the campaign.
+ Cool idea to take place in San Francisco, the plot, going over the bridge, etc. + Nice skybox - not sure if its a vanilla one I wasn't familiar with or custom. if custom then def the best part. + Some cool interiors like the house on the beach
- Bad optimization. First thing me and my friends noticed. Map didn't run that well in comparison to the official maps. - Very ugly environments and visual quality. None of the place was pleasing to look at all. - Bad sense of direction - Map felt really sluggish and slow overall - Some hordes just way too long - Just dragged on for waaay too long. This is an example of how a campaign can be too long.
It picked up a little in the third level but overall this was just a very boring campaign for me and my friends that played it together. Its one I would never play again after the first time. Sorry, just didn't think it was good.
-Logical level progression -Interesting custom rooms and locations -Good difficulty balance (bot issues notwithstanding) -A lot of exploration if you care for that, and A LOT of interesting locations to be found for it -Gas Can finale does NOT suck! Major props for that! -My team-mate recognised the park area from his own visit to San Franciso
-Bot issues about from the mid-point on, and they can be game-breaking -Custom props are VERY low-quality, blocky and unappealing -Golden Gate bridge descent has hard-to-spot insta-death spots that really shouldn't be in the game -Perhaps just a few too many grenades
In principle, I LOVE this campaign. I'd really, really love to give it a 10, but the custom artwork issues are really jarring and both pathing goes from good, to bad to "I want to murder Coah get up the !@#$ing ladder!" That doesn't make it bad - I'd still say it's an easy 9 - but it takes a lot out of the experience. Let me explain: This campaign clearly has a lot of custom art assets the map-maker made. Unfortunately, most of those are - my apologies - just terrible. The campaign makes a truly awful first impression when it runs me through cube hallways with low-res textures and shows me an elevator door painted on the side of a wall. That's just unacceptable, especially considering L4D2 already has much better elevator door props in it (Dead Centre, for instance). The Hallways themselves have a Doom 2: Hell on Earth look to them, since they're just long rectangles with looping textures. The Golden Gate bridge is about fine, as is most of Alcatraz and the cruise ship is actually amazingly good (complete with wooden pirate ship's wheel that cruise ships don't actually have) but the tugboat that takes us to Alcatraz looks like something out of the original Half-Life. The bot issues don't really show up until the Golden Gate bridge descent. For the most part, they move well and get stuck very rarely. Then on the bridge descent Coach fell in a hole (since the bots are not good at sliding) and became unrecoverable. The post-cruise-ship level was just AWFUL. Coach and Rochelle failed to climb the pool area ladder, repeatedly dropping over the edge and needing to be rescued, only to drop over the edge again. I wasted all my heath kits on them and all my ammo protecting them, so the horde event following that was NOT fun. In the cruise ship safe room, neither would pick up health kits AT ALL and Rochelle was stuck at the entrance door until we were well out of the room. On the entire final map, they kept getting stuck on thin air and either standing around or "wobbling" until they teleported, only to get stuck again a few feet later. I nearly died because Coach was stuck in the prison and wouldn't get in the helicopter. Luckily, the finale rush tank was also stuck somewhere so we survived. But both pathing is a HUGE issue, causing me and my normally sedate team-mate to yell profanities at the bots over Skype. All that said, however, I still like the campaign and would play it again. The art issues are BAD, but they only show up in a few places. They're not omnipresent once you leave the initial hotel. In fact, I'd call the campaign very beautiful, because clearly a lot of care and attention went into arranging the reused-prop locations. The entire campaign has a charm of its own that's impossible to deny, with each location feeling unique and interesting. I LOVE the beach house for example. I walked up to that, saw a sign saying "Infested! Not a safe house!" only to see a zombie milling about in an upstairs window. Yup, zombies live there now! :) The military holdout building with the zillion .50 cal machineguns was also very cool, as was the entirety of the cruise ship, blocky hallways notwithstanding. The final Alcatraz escape sequence is similarly very impressive, with a very lovely cell block design that I'm sure is faithful to the original building. The campaign is also just plain fun to play. Large open spaces allow for a lot of exploration, every location feels interesting and unique and a lot of very apropos survivor dialogue adds an air of believability to everything. "Yeah, our target is on the bridge. ON THE OTHER MOTHER F-IN SIDE OF THE RIVER!" Ah, Coach, if only you weren't brain-dead... Events are many and different, gauntlet events are interesting and logical and everything just "feels" right. The locations are so huge it seems like they'd be easy to get lost in, but the paths through them always seemed well-indicated to me. I'd see a Shelby Cobra run into a hedge wall and think "OK, maybe that's made a hole I can pass through." I can! The only issue I'd point to in this regard is the game has a lot of invisible walls in places you'd think there wouldn't be. In a few places, it seemed like I could climb over trucks and get stuck out the map, but invisible walls stopped me. There's one such issue at the overpass near the military house, and there's a semi with a good four feet of clearance under the trailer that we just can't seem to crawl under... But zombies can. I'd suggest stuffing a car on the other side so it looks blocked. Overall, I'd say Day Break has the potential to be a "perfect 10/10" campaign, but that would need the bot issues to be fixed and a lot of the graphical flubs to be tightened up. At the very least fixed the damn painted-on elevator doors and pick a better texture for the buildings around the hotel exterior. Those are low LOD textures meant to be seen from afar. That, to me, would make it perfect.
- Was always hoping for a loooong campaign. (+20) - I like how we can get lost. (+2.6)
- Saw the lines on the howitzer part. (-1) - The Mustang (is it?) shaders are a bit unrealistic. (-2) - The alarmed door part is a bit confusing, made me lost and died. (-2) - In chapter 3, I remember seeing the stairs to the top side of the tower holed, but in the next chapter, it isn't. (-3)
This campaign is AWESOME!. The full points i wanted to give for this map is 114.6 (11.5 for you, maybe.), but since this rating didn't provide more than 10 points, soyeahwhateverjustaceptitlikewhatitis. I'm also sorry for any grammar mistakes, I'm not born in a country that uses English as an everyday language.
-Very detailed map. -Five long and well-designed maps -Finales -Lots of fun -Diversity of settings -Very addictive
-The skybox in alcatraz is a bit bland (-0.1) -The last map finale is quite easy compared to others in the same campaign (-0.5)
Incredibly good campaing. I was amazed at the amount of work put into this. Definitely staying in my game and will be played once and once again. I strongly encourage everyone to download and see. On the other hand, maybe it could still use some minor tweaks, but overall a MUST HAVE. Congratulations to DannBo, you've done an awesome mod! Thanks a lot!
Last Updated: 10/03/13 Version: 2.0  (Complete) Views: 337,038
San Francisco ? and Golden Gate ?
Why it's not working?
I'm just thinking u use old version
If you want help you'll have to be a bit more descriptive of what isn't working and in what way.
Very good map congragulations
I like to consider this canonically happening after The Parish (Until official L4D story is released), because it's just that damn good!
One of my fave custom campaigns. My only issue with it is it ALWAYS crashes on the bridge chapter, when I get to the end and onto the boat. :/
Yep, mine does that as well. Always as I'm about to go up the stairs on the first level of the ship. Which is really annoying because it's such a good map pack.
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