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    Again, Thanks, But Sorry... A review + 1-2 hints

    This work is considered better than the Remake in certain points while the remake is better in other points.  2 stars for the sake it's your first work.
    Chapter 1 : Why do zombies spawn in crazy waves just when I touch the safe room door while I am still inside? Why do hordes spawn for no reason, but because I just stepped into that apartment or that spot? Why do I have to face 2 spitters or Jockeys in row? Why do I have to push bots to enter the elevator? Why do I die once I touch that fire after the elevator panic event? Why do I have to deal with over 3 panic events while hordes got many riot cops? It feels like you are on a long panic event on the same chapter...Why? Why, after all of that, do I find it's dead end and that I can't move further after I am forced to meet 2 tanks and 2 witches? Used cheats and flied here and there hoping to find the way, but it was really a dead end! That alarm car in the last parking spot in the open street was moving on its own like it was haunted. You were in a hurry so you left it with no ending safe room? This is really BAD after wasting so much time on Expert trying to survive, then shifting to Easy to see how much left for me in the end after losing hope to survive with stupid bots, so limited resources and crazily spawning hordes! 
    Chapter 2 is the longest and worst supposing that chapter 1 was about to end in that spot I reached or in a closer spot. The propane tank needed will be found as a red tank on the back of the last car on that line of cars parked beside the blocks of buildings. Hordes will literally come every time a progress is made into this campaign. I will give it another try on Expert from the start of chapter 2 to see how long I will survive and how far I will get to. The next panic event after getting into school is so annoying with so so so limited resources and no single bile bomb. How can I know that I should shoot that surface on which the hung rock ball stands? No guide. After moving down, all zombies will just come to you, Why? That store part is so nasty and one will keep getting attacked if we don't hurry. Really Bad!
    Chapter 3 is the best here and much better than chapter 3 in TBM Survivor Remake While Chapter 1 & 2 in Remake are better than Chapter 1 & 2 here as chapter 1 there is at least with an end, but it's so stupid for it got 4 panic events with limited supplies & 2 tanks & 2 witches. Managed to beat chapter 2 there on Expert after many tries while I managed only to beat Finale or chapter 3 here on Expert on second time. It was a little bit long walk with unjustified crazy zombie hordes spawn, but one managed to make it quickly to reach the final spot, but I don't know I feel you just want to add your touch and make us suffer whether it's in a normal or bad crazy way. Because one can never fight zombies or specials that are standing underground and unseen and that is in the spot where we are fighting hordes and tank. This is TERRIBLE! I was being watched by an underground smoker who is standing under the house by the street we were moving in and out fighting hordes and tanks till the rescue came. I was getting pulled by it and lost some HP, but bots were there doing their best to help and I couldn't kill that special sh*t. Why are you doing this to us, man?!  The best spot to fight hordes is in that house inside that room and one can stay there using their melee to kick off zombies and hunt the coming specials especially spitters as they mostly spawn in front of you but from far away from behind the fence. On the way to final spot, a bile bomb will be found if you search carefully as it will help when rescue comes. When tank comes, it will mostly come from the same spot where zombies or special spawn and come and survivors can shoot from far away (a sniper is really recommended to be used) then they will move to street from the house and move around while tank is chasing till it's dead. The second tank can come from the spot of the burnt car which will help burn it which will bring it down faster in case you used the only molotov you have there on first tank. When rescue comes, the helicopter will be waiting by the roof of that building you get to from the other side of street and the way to the roof will be by the long RED ladder which will mostly show up only when the rescue arrives. It's a really nice finale area and new to me, but the underground specials mostly ruined it. Good Luck

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