TG-2A Minigun

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  • Drazn

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    *Extremely well ported
    *Rotating Barrels!
    *The gun is HUGE and justifies all of the "Now this a a BIG gun" comments
    *Its a freaking MINIGUN, c'mon...


    *The firing sound is quite a bit louder than other guns, and hurt my ears after a few minutes of use at my normal volume  (-1)
    *It's huge world model means it often clips through floors, walls etc.  This is an unavoidable consequence of changing world models and isn't something I care about much, but others may... (-0)


    I'm sure everyone who has played L4D ever has always asked: 
    "Why can't i just pick up that Minigun and carry it around?  Who doesn't want to go to town on zombies with a freaking MINIGUN."
    Well, those prayers have been answered, and hallelujah is it good.
    My only request is that you look into the sound issue.  It may have just been me, but the sound of the gun is fairly grating.  
    However considering the potential variety in sound setups, what may sound awful to me sounds awesome to someone else, so definitely do not let this issue dissuade you from downloading this mod.  Its AWESOME.

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