BOTS CAN LEAD (Improved Bots)

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  • Merudo

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    Dumber Bots

    Can't say I'm impressed with this mod.
    Bots just run toward witches and startle them every time.
    They rush toward holes in the floor and die from the fall.
    On custom maps they pass through locked doors.
    Bots also get stuck much more often than with default settings.
    Overall this mod creates far more problems than it solves.
    • You can edit this mod with Notepad++.  That's what I did with a mod similar to this one.  You just need a copy of all the Left 4 Dead 2 console commands.  Then, you can create your own custom bot mod.  Personally, the only commands useful to me were "sb_max_team_melee_weapons 2" and "adrenaline_health_buffer 50".  By default, none of the bot players can use melee weapons, and the bot players don't understand the difference between pills and adrenaline.  They usually pick up adrenaline instead of pills.

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