The Aftermath Louis (L4D2)

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  • Trunten

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    don't lie, you dind't make anything.
    you stole from the original team.
    • hi i have a l4d1 mod check it out!
      But this is a steam workshop addons i just ported and recompile
      Dont Report me ok??
    • so you make an all too obvious new account with the same name and avatar.
      and you'll get banned again, especially if you keep stealing.
      it's funny you got banned, a lot of you thieves had been getting away.
      good to see times are changing.
      it doesn't matter if you gave credit if an author says not to redistribute.
      consider yourself lucky if the aftermath team lets you do this.
      and social ban all you want, I have other ways to report you and you can't stop that.
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