Terminator Future War Campaign

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  • custom enemies that can shoot at players


  • kurochama

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    A war with Skynet begins...

    A campaign for "Terminator" lovers. Like "Zombie Army Campaign", this campaign also has custom enemies, & they're robot from Skynet. There are more frequent encounters of custom enemies here. The designs of maps look similar to "Zombie Army Campaign" with some destroyed buildings (it's the same war situation after all). & there's Arnold Schwarzenegger showing up here. Unfortunately there's no "Terminator Theme" during that Arnold Terminator's appearance (it would be cool when the backsound is the "Terminator Theme" during Arnold's support attack to escort survivors).
    Actually I expected some boss fights too like a giant terminator that has various attack patterns (I saw a tank mod named "Tankminator" & that looked cool as a custom boss), but unfortunately there were only some tank robots. Probably this type of terminator could be added later, if there's a sequel for this campaign someday, as this war could be just the beginning. If there's a sequel someday, probably adding some special missions like planting some bombs in some Skynet facilities or hijacking some computers to install viruses or sabotage facilities would be cool.
    Well, I'm looking forward to the next projects with custom enemies. & I hope that this one would get a sequel too someday.

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