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Fallout Twilight

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  • EshmawyMan

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    Thank you. Enjoyed.

    Finished this campaign in 1Hr, 36Min and 4 Restarts on Expert Single Player Mode. Here is the link to my videos of this campaign on Expert. Just copy the link and remove the (\) from it so that the link can work. If you can't open the link, just message me and I will give it to you :)
    I can't see any crazy spawns or unnecessarily big numbers of hordes. I can see many items to be found here and there. I can confirm that the campaign creator is in a real love with mazes and puzzles as each chapter got something like a maze to go through or take different routes, but to the same destination. It gives more chances to explore. I only encountered 1 navigation issue with bots by the train area where it comes and kills us all. But it's not a big deal as the bot teleported. The second map "Sewer" was the best one with puzzles or mazes that would take time to finish and explore it all. 
    Ch1: was not restarted and I finished from first time although bots did it alone after I unluckily died by a witch. 
    Ch2: is considered the hardest due to the fact that train killed us twice and it was a little bit long with a run to safe room panic event and a maze to go through before going up the ladder.
    Ch3: was a long chapter, but it wasn't restarted. It was full of supplies scattered in all these cabins. It was a funny run and we almost died in that area with many exploding barrels. I can see you borrowed that bridge from The sacrifice campaign, which is cool. 
    Ch4: was restarted once and it was the funniest chapter to go up that skyscraper. I died once because I was out of ammo and I was exploring the skyscraper going to every room while chased by zombies and witches were waiting. Once I restarted, it was really easy for me. 
    Wish to find and play more maps made by you. Not easy, not hard, full of mazes and multiple ways to safe room or destination. Thank you.

    Edited: July 2022

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