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  • l4d2survivor

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    Great Campaign with a few annoying things

    The array of custom events (Carts, Falling off the cliff etc.)
    Very interesting Environment Designs and Scenery
    The Anti-Gravity Finale
    Custom Soundtracks
    Several annoying instances of bot nav issues (which is expected due to the climbing and what not especially in the ladders map)
    The Finale ending scene (for me) was a bit glitched as I got stuck floating in the air as the bombing started
    Only had Baton as Melee weapon up until Map 5 and there were no sharp edged weapons at all for some reason
    Not really a con but: The hordes sometimes felt non-stop and Jesus, I'm pretty sure at one point every single special infected spawned in range of me at the same time. I played it on normal and didn't mine the difficulty, but I do think it sorta messed with the pacing at times.
    This was a pretty great campaign, although I personally feel like either Map 3 or 4 (the long ass climbing one) kinda dragged on for too long. The special events did however make up for it. Great Stuff.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • if you could share more details about the nav it could still be improved even further.
      but if it's really just what you described, climbing and with ladders, well, that unfortunately tends to be a thing we can't avoid.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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