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  • kurochama

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    Well, a hot 2B for collection

    This one is good. She looks hot. Now I got more collection for hot beauties, thanks for the mod. Btw I don't know if it was my mistake in modifying the vmt files or not, but when I took off her blindfold for my personal use (I love the beautiful face without any masks, blindfold etc so I usually remove them for personal use), her eyes seemed almost all black. The eyes were still visible at certain angles when they rolled or took a look somewhere, but they're more likely hard to see. Well, probably it's my mistake. I'll take a look on the removed blindfold version again. Or probably you would want to make one for me? I'll be very thankful if you can upload the no blindfold version.
    • Btw I tried to compare the contents of vpk files to some other skin mods I collected. I don't know if this caused the problem with the almost invisible eyeballs or not when the blindfold's removed, but I didn't find any vmt files about eyeballs in this 2B mod while on some of my collections of skin mod, they had vmt files about the eyeballs with various names (like "teenangst_eyeball_l.vmt", or just "eyeball_l.vmt").
    • Anyway, probably you would also like to satisfy those who love mature section here, someday. When I checked the vtf files, I found out the unsafe version with many alternatives, based on the costumes she's wearing.

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