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Sunrise Carnival

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    I was expecting this to just be another "change the skybox and call it a day" campaign, but was pleasantly surprised to see that the author bothered to make new paths for the survivors to take. It gives the campaign a completely different feel and is pretty kickass. I'm sure there's other small changes that aren't worth noting, but yeah, it's nice to see a somewhat different Dark Carnival.

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Version 1.0 Beta

  • Map
    Sweet Budapest

    This map is based on the Hungarian city of Budapest. There is only one map, but the map is large and consists of 4 big events. 1: panic event in square until gate opens. 2: Find unlocking button for locked door in building 3: cross...

  • 4 Maps
    Last Breath

    Lastbreath Available on the Steam Workshop The survivors find themselves stranded, again. They have no choice but to push forward and fight until their very last breath. Question is will there be anyone left to save them? If so, wi...

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  • Mod
    Minos Prime (Bill)

    Replaces Bill's model with Minos Prime from ULTRAKILL. If you want to put this into workshop, go ahead. Just don't forget to credit. Credits for LordCthulhu814 for the original model from GMOD workshop.

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  • Mod
    CS2 - P90 HEntai GIF
    Beta N/A

    NAME: Meikoku Gakuen Jutai Hen Episode 1,2 NAME: Lying On Side Creamy **** (Derpixon) CS2 - P90 HEntai GIF

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  • Mod
    Awesome vocalize menu 3.0

    Useful and useless vocalize. This is my 3rd (and complete) attempt at creating a vocalize menu. I simplified the installation / work of the addon, and also added only those vocalizes that work on official servers. ALL VOCALIZES ARE...