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Black Matte Smith and Wesson 5906 Pistols

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  • DamageIncM

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     - Looks good
     - Cool animations
     - Nice sounds


     - A bit dark (barely shows details)
     - Shot-sound a bit weak


    This gun looks pretty great, but I must say, it's so black that it barely shows any details, even in some light, which is a shame. I guess there's the other mod, of the same gun but lighter, that's now in Beta, but I'll check that out later.
    But this one could get a bit more light on it, even though, I know, it's supposed to be matte black.
    The animations are also cool, although it's strange that (in dual mode) both guns get loaded when you've fired one round. I don't know if it could be turned into just reloading the one that's been fired once to save some time. (Just something I noticed, no big deal.)
    Also, the sounds are great. I love the little "cling" every time it reloads or the gun gets selected.
    The shot-sound is really NICE, but it is also on the weak side. I wish it had more of a bang/pop and some impact.
    If you want, Mateoski, you could upload the audio-file to somewhere so I could look into it and enhance it. I wouldn't wreck the dynamics and make it as harsh as Valve's sounds, but only make it stronger.
    It already sounds good, but I would like to feel a bit more power behind a gun. :)
    Edit: Or you could use a new version of the sound for your Beta-version of this gun. But I see it's also from 2011, so I doubt you'd still do anything with that... :(
    I know it's finalized by the way (and from 2011), but if you ask me, it could be slightly improved.
    Additionally, it would be cool if, seeing that there are variations of this gun, different versions would pop up randomly throughout the world, from the same mod.

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