Mini-14 Re-Animated

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  • Pangia

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    No spinning wrist bug
    Just reanimation, not messed up by new model/texture/sound/[put what you want here]
    Much better shooting animation - really makes Mini-14 easier to handle when weapon isn't flying all over your screen like it would be some freaking RPG
    Perfectly fit for 3rd person animation


    Got used to additional pushing magazine - now it looks too big for me (none points taken since it's some step to make weapon more realistic)
    Left arm looks... weird. I don't know, it's only subjective feeling only - nvm
    You could stay with old drawing animation (-0.1)
    EDIT: Forgot about 2 things: thumb of original Survivors (-0) and glitched "helping arm/pick up item" animation (-0.1) - both of them are exactly the same on ported from CS:S SG552. Coincidence?


    One of few arby's reanimations I liked

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