Dead Air Beta Music Fix

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    Re-adds the tension during the horde fights, healing up in the safe room and panic events.
    With A modified talker mod, the characters and music make me feel like I am playing L4D1 again with new weapons.


    Minor issue where the L4D2 death music and L4D1 Death music played at the same time. However, it happened only once and since then hasn't happened again. 
    Its a shame these can't be used on Official Servers. 


    I never noticed how Bland the campaigns were without music, especially the "germ" sounds. Its why I hardly played any of the re-release beta maps. Thanks for adding the music back. Hopefully valve will add them back on their own soon, but until then, all 3 of your sound mods (Blood Harvest. Dead Air, Death Toll) are something every L4D2 player should have installed :D

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