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    The concept is good, though it's lonely with lots of empty areas

    This campaign reminds me of an old campaign "Alien Trilogy" by Leafo (the creator of "Silent Hill" campaigns). Well, actually because I played "Zombie Army Campaign" & "Terminator Future War" first before playing this, I expected to fight some alien custom enemies. But unfortunately, there were only tons of spitters & hunters, & no common infected. The spitter somehow can't spit (it would be disaster if she could spit, while there are tons of them spawning). Most areas are empty, & only some areas have supplies. The missions are rather confusing because the distance between one object to other is far, so only tiny glow shows up from afar & it isn't visible most of the time when survivors are too far from the object. & some hints after fighting a tank might be needed. In my play, I had no idea where to go as there's a long enough moment of silence after killing a tank, so I wandered again & got lost for awhile until I saw a glow of the rescue plane, & it's the same place where I had fought tank before.
    In short, the concept is actually good. It's just still too lonely. Probably if it's updated with custom enemies like "Zombie Army Campaign" & "Terminator Future War", & also added with common infected, probably it would be more fun & challenging. & at the rescue area, a big alien boss could be added there as the final battle before escaping. Well, I hope to see more campaigns like thise "Zombie Army" & "Terminator" again someday in the future.

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