K1CHWA's Special Infected skins v2

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    -Makes the Special Infected a bit scary (but not much at all)
    -Good detail added


    -Doesn't give more of a real feel to the game (I know it's Valve, but come on)
    -You've basically (to quote Zachafreddy), given them a sun tan which isn't so scary xD.


    Pretty good work, I do admire the amount of detail that has been put in, better than I could ever do, not that I create mods but if I were to do so, I couldn't of made a Special Infected pack as detailed as this, despite it being a tiny bit easy. The Tank out of all the re-skins was the scariest in my opinion, do keep making mods, if you can, maybe re-create them, make it a bit more scary, L4D2 is mostly a horror genre, this mod does make it a bit more scary but not by too much.

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Version 1.8 Final

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    No Rain
    Beta N/A

    this map called ''No Rain'' u can get it in the steam workshop.

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