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  • EshmawyMan

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    Thank you. Finished in 3 hrs, 17mins & 14 Restarts in Expert Single Player Mode.

    I've never played your campaign and I just did two days ago as I am doing the same to each and every map here, recording my footage.
    Copy the link above, paste it to search bar, remove \ from h\t\t\ps & c\o\m, then press Enter.
    Your map got some great potential, but first chapter can be the first impression that may last for so long or be the dominant impression one has about your map regardless of any pros found during the game play.
    Chapter 1 was restarted 10 times although I had higher chances of getting it done from first time as I am showing the reason why I failed to do it in the first try and that was mainly a bug from your campaign, a spawning bug of a dead bot which was supposed to spawn inside that room of a building right after we meet the tank down the bridge. Check my playlist of your campaign, 3 videos for 3 chapters & 1 video to share my first attempt and why I didn't make it. Those restarts on first chapter added like an hour to the total time of game play. I encountered endless hordes, which is really disturbing for no reason no alarm to shut no clue where to go for the safe room and also a long way to take while meeting 1-2 tanks on the way? in swamps area right before the bridge, I was frozen for some buggy stretchy textures or black lines as I had no idea what to and you know that hordes actually attack us in that spot. Had to use the console commands (!noclip), which I do hate to use on any map, that is said to be legit and complete. The nastiest is to keep running to a safe room or a rescue vehicle while hordes and hordes are coming. Special infected and bots got navigation issues too. At least make the bots navigation well set to make up for all these hordes attacks. I managed to be in front of safe room twice, but sadly died due to endless hordes.
    Alright, I finally managed to do it with 0 damage and when I reached safe room, bots didn't want to enter and they were bugged outside the safe room until I finally had to use the console commands !warp to get them in. I felt I was about to get grabbed by a smoker from the other side of safe room.
    Chapter 2 was restarted only twice and managed to do it on the 3rd time while getting chased by hordes until I reached safe room and even a group of common infected spawned inside while I was inside with bots, why? The only good thing about your map and I felt pretty unique is the hangar event and that slow motion effect of the plane causing what I called like an earthquake. I did like it and glad I am able to record my game play to share that shot. One of restarts on this chapter was due to the fact bots got another navigation issue entering that building after we go down that ladder in the very beginning of the chapter as a hunter grabbed me, yes, I was stupid at dealing with hunter, but still a navigation issue as bots could help, but were late to join me. The hangar slow motion effect made the rating go a little bit higher as I promised to give 1 star review for all these issues encountered on chapter 1
    Chapter 3 was restarted twice. It has one of the longest routes to finale area as we meet 2 tanks on the way besides a witch and a panic event. In the end, we are rewarded to have almost no finale as we call the radio and just run to the other side, but why the gate is closed? It triggers the rescue vehicle when I get to that fenced wall to be opened? The rescue is not a helicopter, which needs to be edited and another word is used.
    I hope you fix all these bugs on chapter 1. This would improve the rating of many reviews here. Keep it up.

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