Twin Digimon (Renumon and Renamon)

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    Its Renamon
    FPS Hands and sneaky facial animations
    Custom Lobby/In-game Pictures


    When not playing as these characters, their hands dont have animations in either 3rd person or just looking at them. (-.3)


    In other words, its a great mod. A little bad on the 3rd person look when their hands dont have animations unless in 1st person mode when playing as them. The other -.2 points came from that this is a pack, it would be awesome that they could be separate from each other, or just the normal Renamon on Zoey only. Because I love using the Krystal Mod for Rochelle but at the same time the Renamon pack looks very cool on Zoey. It would be awesome if you could make separate mods for people who love your mods but also love the ones they already have on either L4D Female survivors.  

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Version 1.2.1 Complete

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