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    I've played your The Convoy too, but like it, you have to optimize this too.
    Its Mad Max-esque gameplay is what I like most. Just awesome.
    I hope you're still developing the final version.
    Please make a day version of this without rain.
    Optimize or tweak effects without sacrificing the awesomeness if it's possible. :)
    For others who haven't tried this yet:
    If you want something out of the ordinary, try this.
    It's not like The Convoy, it provides new kind of gameplay - Mad Max style, like I said.
    • 最主要的问题,是游戏开场的时候,显卡可以全速运行,开了机关后一会,显卡瞬间降低到135频率运行,导致异常卡,个位数fps,因为显卡是没有在全速工作的,不知道是什么情况。。

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