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  • naegimakoto

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     nice design,its very different but i think thats what makes it so appealing.
    great music ,it gives a very..strange feeling. it suits well.
    you need your full concetration on this in order to survive which is fun yet a difficult challenge. 


    bots are kinda useless. they don't follow,don't get weapons. So its only good if you play with friends.
    not much room to fight especially if the round bars are coming down. especially with tanks.
    the movement I mean its okay but i guess there should be more then moving up and down? Its really great your map but it kinda gets boring after awhile


    This is very addicting to me I cannot stop playing everytime I die!
    I agree with the other reviewer though on how it gets boring after a while. I appreciate the creativity of the map,and the whole design. the music is absolutely wonderful ( I would love to know the songs used! ) and i'd really love to see more from you! I just think the movement could use more work but so far its really good!

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Version 1.2 Beta

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