Blue N Black Teenangst Zoey Ponytail

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  • Emmabaybee

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    -Amazing use of colour.
    -Great choice of hair, Teen angst is ugly.
    -Work's well with her personality.
    -The fact that there's FOUR different version's of this give off a preset of diversity to the fact that people like Zoey in different ways.
    -She look's great with a weapon on her back, at least now it doesn't rest on an invisible string.
    -I love Zoey in blonde hair.
    -Look's great in all map's.
    -She look's really cute.
    -Thanks for using her original hair for this too.
    -Her voice fit's with this skin.
    -Easy to install.
    -I can see 1st person arms.
    -No bug's in 3rd person mode.


    -I've wrote too much Pros, that I can't think of any.


    I don't play L4D2 much I just love to write reviews from seeing my friends brother play this game, BUT, whenever I do play with him, I ALWAYS use this skin, no matter what :]

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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