Zoey replaces Coach (two girls on the team)

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    •Replaces my least favorite L4D2 character with my favorite L4D1 character!
    •Facial animations


    •Doesn't work with mods that change Zoey's model.
    •Campaigns that have scripted Coach dialogue still play Coach's voice
    •Does not reference other characters


    Overall, this is a lovely mod. I love having two females on the team! As for the cons, it is a bit disappointing that you can only have normal or reskinned Zoey, no model changes. It's minor, since I do really like Zoey's normal design. Also something minor, but Coach's voice still plays if he has scripted lines in Campaigns. And something very minor is that she doesn't say the other characters names, but that would likely require a lot more work, and it doesn't bother me that much! Very well done and thank you for this!

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