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  • DamageIncM

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     - Looks great.
     - Also kind of "retro".
     - Gives a nice change/update.


    Nothing, really...


    I was looking for some mods to refreshen my experience with L4D2.
    A mod like this is perfect to give a subtle update.
    It looks very good, and it reminds me of those older racing-cars with the brand-logos on them.
    And, as I put in the Pros-section, it also has a bit of a "retro"-look.
    There's not much else to say about this mod, it simply works.
    Oh, the only thing is that the game says it conflicts with some other mods of the same author.
    I'm not sure if I can just force them on and they would work anyway, I haven't tried.
    But I'd rather have it not give this warning and be sure that there are no problems.
    Please either check or explain this. But otherwise, very nice mod.

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1969 dodge - gulf...

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