Teen Angst Zoey - Made in Heaven

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  • CarrieAnnDelacroix

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    Lovely skin.
    Had a lot of effort put into this.
    Good for Resident Evil fans.


    The downed picture just seems out of place to me.
    The gloves on her hands need a bit of work. (I'll explain below.)


    I like this skin a LOT. It's very nicely made and it looks as if someone put a lot of time and effort into this. My only complaints are;
    1, The downed picture. I dunno what it is, it just looks wrong to me. Like, leaving the original downed icon would be a recommended approach.
    2, This MAY be a glitch on my end or something but the gloves look off in First Person. Like, along the seam of her hand? the glove will end in the spot it's supposed to but, on the other side of the seam, the edge of the glove is severely mismatched. Almost as if someone tried to sew the glove back together but, it sort of got mismatched. Again, may just be a texture glitch or something on my end.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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