Crimson Head

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  • Birtha Blightfang
    Birtha Blightfang

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    Crimson Head!
    Blends with the other zombies well
    Looks great!
    1st replacement mod!
    Better textures and detail! :D


    His left elbow looks funky when he dies, I think it's a minor bone problem.( Part of his arm from just above his elbow is distorted making the rest float.)


    I got to hand it to you Dormin, for your first replacement mod you did a great job. Crimson Head looks menacing enough and normal enough to blend into a crowd of zombies. He looks great! The only problem I saw off-hand is his left arm seemed a little funky when he died.
    Despite this, I still love it and these issues are only minor. :) It's a great mod for the Hunter. Resident Evil fans and non-fans looking for a different replacement Hunter will love this addition! 
    Keep on doing a great job! ^.^ and Thanks!
    Update: Decreased cons, increased Pros and Overall Score :3!!

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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Version 0.5 Beta

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