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    • EshmawyMan

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      Thanks A lot

      I did enjoy your campaign regardless of the super open space along the entire campaign. One can easily get lost XD i loved it in a way that you made it hard for survivors to find the way and it's all good. Vast open space to fight zombies and tanks in. Loved those lights and paints everywhere i felt it's a real Christmas bloody vacation with ice falling everywhere. That exciting music started in the bar as a sign of a panic event was so great i loved it so much. 
      -  I encountered some bot navigation errors, but in general i enjoyed. Finished it on first try on Expert Single Player Mode in 4 hrs & 29 minutes. I literally played each level twice in order to pass it as i died once and passed it at the second time. Until i reached the finale that was so nasty in certain spots where Bots got that navigation error and couldn't join me very well which led to their death and i stayed alone 3 times till the rescue came, but got incapacitated once by jockey, another by smoker and the last one was by boomer and hunter who kept hitting me till i fell. Those buses below that bridge in finale had navigation errors regarding bots, zombies, specials and even tank as no bots could follow me there unless we go from below the bridge while they leave me and go the opposite way if i go from the open area on the right which caused me multiple restarts trying to finish that level and finally i did while all bots were alive, but another issue that happened with a number of campaigns and was complained about by other players which is that bots didn't join me on helicopter and tank was coming from far away so i had to jump off-board to shoot them and shoot Coach who was right standing on the helicopter XD shot them all in order to fly away..... Everything about supplies was fine and fair and i even found many health kits and weapons are distributed very well. You just need to fix  navigation errors as there are also some on first level in that block by that elevator. This campaign came out to be one of my favorite that really needed some company from a friend or two to play it with me ....Thank you!
    • ErrorUnknownGT

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      *REPOST FROM SOURCE It just fails... I understand you're trying to emulate real life, but it just doesn't work in Left 4 Dead 2! This is what happens when you take assets from different games and such and attempt to use them in this type of game, it just doesn't work. Boring bland long tedious level design. A bit of a lack of supplies. Botnav errors every now and then. Just bad...

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