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    • AmazingNep02

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      Not horrible for first but needs A LOT of work

      Chapter 1 seemed fine, was fun, not badly optimized, nav mesh could be better though, chapter 2, nav mesh as well, is badly optimized AND finale is NOT a finale, all it is is spam of horde on a timer, then tank, then horde then tank then horde then tank on a timer ON EASY so normal or higher esp expert it is horribly unbalanced, learn how to make a finale properly, learn how to do nav mesh, and hope you improve it a lot and Id try it again and see if its better, Also the finale isnt done right as well beside for what i said, since if u go on the door by where rescue should be BEFORE you start it or anytime u get rescued and finish
    • ErrorUnknownGT

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      Certainly rough around the edges, but not terrible. Map design is bland, lots of crescendos/panic events cramped into the two-map campaign with a sort-of custom holdout finale with more tanks and larger hordes. That's about all there is to say about it not much going on, no issues encountered though which is pleasing.

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