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      Alright I played through this campaign yet again, must be the fifth or sixth time, honestly, this trashfire is not salvageable, which was obvious from the get-go, but anyways I did actually put effort into the finale, and after fight wave after wave of DOUBLE specials, DOUBLE tanks (specials spawning constantly during the tank fights!!!) I made it to a quadruple tank spawn and finally perished, and at this point I was bored out of my mind anyways, finale had been going for 15 minutes which is just crazy.  Here's the original review:
      *REPOST Pretty low effort "troll" map (I use quotes as I don't really know if this is intended as a troll map) but either way a really bad campaign overall not worth playing. Chapter 1 is simple enough... at least on normal difficulty, good luck beating that on expert! You can bait your teammates to kill the mandatory tank and witch to beat the chapter. Chapter 2 is a face off with three tanks at first, then you fight your way through a long gauntlet, leaving your teammates behind.. probably. Then you spend probably upwards of ten minutes doing a holdout at the end of the chapter (no tanks only consistent commons) boooooring. Chapter 3 is a long, long gauntlet through a crap ton of alarmed cars (have fun hearing the survivors swearing over and over and over.) I somehow managed to beat this chapter alone after the first try, but very boring map, at least you have a fighting chance though. The finale is crazy, tons and tons of commons and probably more than a few tanks (I died after the first two) Terrible campaign overall.

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