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    • EricChang

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      Nice fictional oriental city campaign.^^

      I've played this campaign in single player and with my friends.^^ Chapter 1 is relatively short, but the next three chapters is quite solid. The design from the bridge to the basement in chapter 2 is pretty good, especially the "ZC Food Court" sign at the entrance to the underground street and the poster of Kafuu Chino's figure, which impressed me a lot.XD Chapter 3 is mainly about traveling through the city, and ultimately defending on the rooftop until the helicopter arrives. I think the design of this chapter is also quite good, Players can use the radio room to avoid the attacks of special infected, and use hit and run tactics to fight against Tank. ^^ In the finale, the illustrations in the house and the apartment are really cute too~XD And in rescue point, players can carry some melees and bile on your body, then the process of collecting gascans will be much more convenient. ^^ The overall level and scene design of this map are good, although there are still some small bugs occasionally, it's still a very fun map for me.^^
    • SMFX

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    • ErrorUnknownGT

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      Not a bad campaign. Chapter 1 is as simple as it gets, you have a straight line to the saferoom and a forced horde. Chapter 2 is also straightforward enough. Chapter 3 is interesting because it is a long way but you eventually make it to a radio and start  holdout finale, it's really easy and once that's done you're onto the real finale, which is again another long walk to a pretty difficult scavenge mission. Why is it difficult? Well there'll be a lot of tanks spawning in, that's why, it's not insanely difficult, just a good bit of luck is all you need and perhaps good strategy, there's only 8 cans relatively spread out so yeah. Nothing too special about this campaign, but it's fine.

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