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      Pretty good campaign, intense experience overall. I will say it's just a flat out unpleasant experience with bots, and I understand that nothing can be done about it, but I just wouldn't recommend playing this solo, the bots cannot avoid the landmines and will get themselves killed easily, so unless you want to go at a super slow pace and get far back, and snipe out the landmines if ya can, it's just not feasible. There's also a lot more special infected which I mean, come on, if I wanted more special infected I'd play a mutation, i don't need this in regular campaign. Either way if you've played Half-Life the maps are super familiar, you complete menial objectives to progress most of the time which require you to explore a little bit. Pretty fun though if you're a Half-life fan, not a bad take on the maps included, worth a play.

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      Excellent Campaign

      I played this Solo so sometimes the Bots get stupid. <G> Suggest adding a second pistol early in the Map. I did find enough ammo supplies placed around (look around a bit). I didn't have an issue with mines and explosives. I've seen enough over the years of playing that I keep my distance and simply shoot them to clear them. It keeps the Bots from walking onto them. Just need to be careful and look first. Note if you have one toss a Bile bomb near one. Wait until they pile up and shoot the mine. Zombies flying everywhere. <G>
      Map #1 
      You have two paths to get to the safe room area. I took the further and most obvious one first. The long ladder down to safe room level all 3 bots fell and died. I was close enough so got in. When I played it again (I wanted to try a few things) I found another way down and the Bots follow you to safe room.  Good map!
      Map #2 I had Hordes break open the safe room door. Bots wouldn't pick up First Aid (I healed everyone and kept the last Kit).
      When you break the crates the items on top don't fall t the ground but stay in mid air. Overall Good Map!
      Map #3 Bots don't take first aid (again I heal them). The train kept stopping way too often. Duplicate Specials as in paired chargers, Jockeys, and Spitters. So with all this going on we died. OK, so now it restarted.
      Interesting that the restart I had no issues. No masses of Specials coming 2 by 2 and Bots generally staying on the train. The train occasionally stopped but as soon as Bots jumped on it started moving. Meant I could stay on the gun and hammer the specials at long range. 
      So I think just a glitch of some sort. So calling this Good as well.
      Map #4 You'll have to move away from safe room to find supplies (they are there). Check tops of crates etc. Need 5 fuel tanks to fuel the tank to clear the barrier. Pretty straight forward overall. Rate it as good.
      Map #5 Two Bots (Bill & Rochelle) got stuck on the cargo truck getting supplies. I was quite a distance away before I turned as so them. I had to go back and pushed them clear. There is a lot going on but you'll have to figure it out. You need to run but there are mines so clear those ahead of you so Bots don't trigger them.
      The final notice calls for a helicopter escape. However it's a rail car. Might want to change that to simply escape vehicle. 
      Overall I rate this good.
      Entire campaign is nicely laid out and each map ties nicely into the next one.
      So give it a try and you won't be disappointed.
      Thanks for creating this Campaign!
      Dave (aka Chief)

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