Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
How to Stop Special Infected Kill You
Shove him right while he's jumping on you. Shoot him quickly while he's losing control for being shoved.
It's a medium chance to survive.
He can be killed easily with chainsaw if you attack him right in front of him.

Hear his voice around you.
If you're too close to him, shove him first, then shoot, for avoiding blind.

Just like Hunter, shove him to lose his control, but it's low chance to survive, because you must do it in a perfect timing.

If you have chainsaw, you can simply break his tongue while you're being pulled.

No choice, but kill her before she release anxious acid. She also release acid in dying around her body.

While he's charging you, simply avoid him by move to left or right side.

You can't kill him alone. But if you're in wide-space land area and have adrenaline, you can kill him in long time.
Always try to avoid big rocks and cars that thrown by him. Keep far away from cars if he's near that car.

Look how do Witch crying.
If she's walking while crying, the best to kill her is use the Chainsaw (usable in Easy or Normal difficulty).
If she's sitting while crying, the only way is avoid her while you're moving. If she look at you and getting up, move far away from her.

- The optional condition is Explosive ammo. It's the best to make them lose controls in each bullet, include Witch, Hunter, Jockey, Smoker, Charger (doesn't work to Tank). It's the best to save your teammate first, from being attacked.
- You can only make Tank lose control by put and shoot Propane or Oxygen tank near him.
- Don't shoot Witch by using Incendiary Ammo, she'll catch you instantly, except all your teammates shoot her immediately.
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