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How to make Rectus' Custom Weapons available in custom campaigns

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Left 4 Dead 2 Guide

Well, this is the first time I made a guide. This guide is related to Rectus' custom weapons. People who love scripted mods sure will know Rectus' custom weapons. Some custom weapons are cool, like flamethrower, LAW rocket launcher, sentry turret etc, but unfortunately they can only be used in official campaigns. If someone wants to add into a custom campaign, they have no choice but to modify the text file inside the "missions" folder in order to spawn the custom weapons.
In fact, there's also one more way, & it's way simpler. I found it recently when I just tried to rename some files just to test something, & somehow it worked like a miracle, even in custom campaigns without having to rename the text file inside "missions" folder. I call this method "Replacing Official Melee Weapons with Custom Weapons". There are few simple steps you need to do to make it work
1. Extract the custom weapon vpk file (for example: extract the flamethrower.vpk).
2. Go to the directory "scripts/melee".
3. Rename the custom weapon file name to the official melee weapon (for example: rename "sentry.txt" to "baseball_bat.txt").
4. Repack the custom weapon back into vpk file again.
5. Next step, extract the "custom weapon base.vpk".
6. Delete the "missions" directory.
7. Repack the "custom weapon base" back into a vpk file.
8. Enable both vpk files (the "custom weapon base.vpk" & "flamethrower.vpk") in Addon Menu.
9. Done. Now the chosen official melee weapon will transform into the custom weapon automatically, & work just like the chosen custom weapon (example: if the custom weapon is sentry turret, it will deploy on the ground & shoot just like sentry turret, forgetting the original form as the baseball bat). Even the baseball bat in custom campaigns will transform into the chosen custom weapon.
You can do this on every official melee weapon that you think it has worse performance. You can also do this on the frequently spawned melee weapons, like fireaxe, crowbar, tonfa etc to give higher chance to spawn. For certain custom weapon like sentry turret, some ".nut" files needs to be edited first, like for example, the script function "GiveItem("sentry")" needs to be changed to "GiveItem("baseball_bat")" in order to return it from the deployed mode on the ground back to the melee slot. The other melee weapons seem to work well just by renaming them. Other than sentry turret, I tested the flamethrower & LAW rocket launcher too, & both of them worked well.


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