Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Top 3 Things about Zoey
There has been some things you didn't know about Zoey. Some of you may already know this though... Anyway,

1. Zoey doesn't love Ellis that much but she does talk like him once
Yep... Looks like Zoey also pretty much a piece of mind of Ellis.

2. Zoey is a teenangst rather than a female solder
So now you know the reason why she says shit and bitch and ass

3. Zoey makes a reference to Chell from Portal and Portal 2
So if you want Zoey in your Portal animation then use her instead of Chell. I mean look! They both have a ponytail, they both have like, the same strength, their faces kinda look the same, White Lie Zoey and Portal 2 Chell are both mute, What else?!

Bonus#1 Zoey and Ellis both uses a sniper rifle/hunting rifle
This seems to be a common fact so i add it in as a Bonus Fact
That should be one of the reasons why they make a great couple. But then, Ellis uses a shotgun instead.

Anyway, hope you liked this guide and don't forget to leave a comment!
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sergey979 October 2017
and everyone know that Zoey is teenangst
sergey979 October 2017
3 assumption fully wrong
Penny_Penguin March 2017
Zoey loves Louis
DanteGodKing July 2016
ty for info
DarkWolfSFM June 2016
Fact 4: Zoey from the beta has the most changes, her appearance was cut since she looked too prepared and her personality was quite not right, she will grow a slight relationship with Francis... Yeah, biker dude... It was a good thing they cut it despite the beta being a better version of L4D for the others... Just an addition fact I wanted to share :D And keep up those facts! I love reading them! :D
DiamondOreAttacker June 2016
Ok. Tnx for loving it! I should make "Top ??? Things about Ellis" next. I put in "???" instead of a number cause i don't quite know how much i know about Ellis. Ellis is my favorite character :3