Left 4 Dead 2 Guide

Third Person Camera modes like the included ones in True Dead Mutation.

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Left 4 Dead 2 Guide

After I released True Dead Mutation, some players asked for a seperate mod for Third Person Camera modes like the included ones in True Dead Mutation. 
I could make a seperate ThirdPerson Camera mod. However, It would need to be a cfg file mod, so I can't make it a workshop add-on. Since valve doesn't allow modding cfg files via add-on system anymore. 

So, I wrote this as a quick script to share in workshop comments. (it is hard to keep a script under 1000 char)
And I decided to write a guide article about it, so you can add it to your game yourself. 

How to add it to your game

First open this folder adress:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\cfg" 

- If you want this code load automatically each game find the "autoexec.cfg" file.
- Or you can create a new text file. And rename it like "yourfilename.cfg".

Open the file and paste these codes in it. (if you use autoexec, end of it);
// -------- alias cam_mode_fps "firstperson; crosshair 1; cam_ideallag 0; alias cam_mode cam_mode_tps;" alias cam_mode_tps "firstperson; thirdpersonshoulder; crosshair 1; cam_idealpitch 0; cam_idealdist 25; c_thirdpersonshoulderdist 25; c_thirdpersonshoulderheight -2; c_thirdpersonshoulderoffset 20; c_thirdpersonshoulderaimdist 250; alias cam_mode cam_mode_far;" alias cam_mode_far "firstperson; thirdpersonshoulder; crosshair 0; cam_ideallag 0; cam_idealpitch 10; cam_idealdist 125; c_thirdpersonshoulderdist 125; c_thirdpersonshoulderheight -5; c_thirdpersonshoulderoffset 20; c_thirdpersonshoulderaimdist 250; alias cam_mode cam_mode_fps;" alias cam_change "playgamesound Buttons.snd37; cam_mode;" alias cam_mode "cam_mode_fps;" bind v "cam_change;" // --------
Save your file, and close it.

Now you can start your game. 

If you used the autoexec file. It should be ready to use. 

If you used a separate file. Open console while playing, write "exec yourfilename" and hit enter.
For some reason, some people's autoexec file doesn't load automatically. You may need to enter "exec autoexec" for that too.

Now you can press V during game play to switch between 3 camera mod. 
- First Person (Default)
- Third-person Shoulder Camera (like Resident-Evil) 
- Third-person Far Camera (Like GTA-V or MMORPGs)
Have fun! :)

Don't forget:

This script can't work well like as it does in True Dead Mutation. 
It can't detect if you are using sniper zoom or not. 
So This method is a little buggy. But you can use this when ever you want. 
(Except Versus mode. It counts as a cheat.)



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