Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Augmented Bots Commands
This is a guide for all available commands in mod Augmented Bots 
Available Commands <- i'm lazy... so most of commands are just a single alphabet
- !a - Enable/Disable Auto revive from Incap system (Bots Only, Enabled by default)
- !r - Enable/Disable Bot Shield Systems (Bots Only, Disabled by default)
- !s - Enable/Disable Auto revive from dead system (Bots Only, Enabled by default)
- !d - Enable/Disable Infinite Bots shield (Bots Only, Disabled by default)
- !f - Enable/Disable Special Infected Radar system (Bots Only, Disabled by default)
- !h - Enable/Disable Radiation Shield which damages every infected around (Bots Only, Disabled by default)
- !ff - Enable/Disable Friendly Fire on Bots (Bots Only, Enabled by default)
- !q - Enable/Disable Boost Shield Repair mode ( Consumes 1 hp and repairs 3 shield points each sec. Bots Only, Disabled by default)
- !w - Enable/Disable Core Repair mode (Shield Repairs system will be deactivated, Consumes 2 shield points and heals 1 hp each sec. Bots Only, Disabled by default))
- !kb - Kills all bots
- !kick(***requires manual set up look bottom***) - Kicks unwanted players(aka trolls) out from the game. eg: !kick nick, will kick player who is playing as Nick suddenly. Can not kick bots or self. Available for host only
- !defend - Forces bots to stop and crouch where they are
- !openfire - Forces bots to open fire(shoot without targets)
- !stop - Forces bots to stop firing
- !m - used to forces bots to go where you're pointing at and stay there for a short time 
Can use both all bots or individual  bot by using !m and follow by bots name (bil, zo, lou, fran, nick, ell, coa, ro) eg. !m bil(will force bill to move where you're pointing at). Also can use !m all to referring to all bots(survivors)
- !recmd - Resets all bots commands(stop defend, stop firing)
- !binf - Toggles 3rd Bot commands HUD
- !shud (on/off) - Toggles HUD shield of bots and shield points(at top right). eg. !shud off(Toggles HUD off)
- !info - Toggle Commands hud
- !inf - Toggle Commands hud
- !reset - Resets everything back to default(unlike !recmd, this command doesn't reset commands that given to bots)
- !botmelee - Set number of bots that allowed to use Melee weapons, Available number is 0 - 3(eg: !botmelee 1 <- 1 bot is allowed to use Melee). Set this to 0 to not allow any bots use Melee
For !kick command. I've made several conditions to make it usable by Host only, this to prevents those trolls to use it against Host.
So, it needs a few manual set up steps to get it works properly. here the steps
- Go to where your left 4 dead 2 installed directory(eg: SteamApps\steamapps\common\left4dead2\left4dead2)
- Look for folder name "ems" if there's no folder name like this, then create folder and name it ems.
Image Preview
- In the ems folder, create a new txt file and name it aughost
Image Preview
- Copy your Steam profile url and go to http://steamidfinder.com/ then paste your copied steam profile url. then press Getsteamid button
Image Preview
- Copy all digits at the steamID line (eg: STEAM_0:0:81555921), re-number 0 to 1 (eg: STEAM_1:0:81555921
Image Preview
- Paste it in the aughost.txt. save and exit
- Done 
if you did correctly, you should be able to use !kick command, try to use !kick against yourself and there will be a massge "Host can not be kicked". if it not success, there will be another message "Only Host can use this command. Host reserved"
PS. To anyone that playing on pirated version or doesn't have Steam profile and want to use this command. pls contact me in personally so i will create another version of this command for you(better tell me your in-game name)
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wahuahaha October 2017
can you create a video about this guide? i cant understand :(