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Vienna Calling 2 created by 44V Mapping.
The sequel campaign 'Vienna Calling 2' further hunts its tourists (a.k.a. victims/players) through the streets of Vienna. Unfortunately, you don't have the time for sightseeing, as hordes of Viennese zombies want you like a drunkard wants his schnitzel at 4 am after a night of heavy drinking. Armed to the teeth, we all know that running/hiding is not an option: Make your way through festering diplomats, fight for your ride at the 'Wurschtlprater', show 'em who got the ring to rule them all on the 'Ring', crown yourself as the king of carnage in one giant, monarchic massacre, go absolutely apesh*t in the Zoo and get the hell out of here! Vienna is different!
Version: 1.1  (Beta)
Last Updated: 07/02/12
Released: 07/02/12
Author: 44V Mapping
Publisher: 44Vmapping
Maps: 6/6
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: viennacalling2.vpk  
Size: 190.14MB
Mode: Co-Op, Campaign,
Last Updated: 07/02/12   Version: 1.1  (Beta)    
While this is a long 6 map campaign, coming in at 1.5 hours, it suffers badly from being far too dark, and layouts that are confusing. Often I was heading in a direction that I had no idea was correct or would result in a dead end. There's also a slight lack of health at times. Frantic, but survivable ending. It does feature some good visuals a few times, but more often they're dark and bland.

The crane crashing was cool and a few unique features such as seeing the L4D2 team was good.
Lengthy and excellent all the way through. Replayable. My team has played this several times.

Brutal too. Make sure you have a couple hours.

Props and appreciation.
The map look fantastic Great Textures Characters from L4D2 (Coach,Rochelle,Ellis and Nick) make a cameo appearance Cover art looks great
Sometimes the same special infected spawns two times and can cause a lot of trouble especially if you're playing with bots
Vienna Calling 2 is defiantly a great sequel to the first Vienna Calling.This campaign just looks all around amzing and the textures look fantastic as well.I like it how the L4D2 characters make a cameo appearance in this campaign also the cover art looks great.But sometimes the same special infected spawns twice at the same time.This can be a problem if your team's health are low but other than that,I think this is a great campaign and I recommend it
so long
but so fun
Excelant campagin!

the first time i played it on single player, it took about 4 hrs. and no complaints didn't even realize it because i was so into it.
a couple times i had to backtrack to find the route (a couple more arrows maybe) but it wasnt a problem. Actually it gives it a bit more realism.

only wish i could have played it sooner.

keep up the good work! (9.7)
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