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  • Argos_Amarok

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    Yellow Evo

    Hey mah dude, i know why people was complaining about the grenade launcher damage. In fact, modifying the damage of the grenade launcher script does nothing. No matter if you put 5000 or 50000, the damage is still the same. That value needs to be changed from another file like the grenade speed, blast & stunning radius 
    By the way, that guy "xpatox" was saying "it doesn't work" and "bad"

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • Well, I made adjustments so it is not so much of a problem if a person uses common sense.  For example, if it is used outside and shooting at a far away Tank there'll be no damage taken for the survivors.  On the other hand, if a person is inside and the special or commons are close by of course there will be damage- just as in real life.  There's no doubt the fact you were using "friendly_fire_factor 0" was the reason you didn't end up wiping out your team and yourself using the original values you came up with.  I know, because I originally used those values for a while (after making other changes myself to make it better in other ways), and it was actually too powerful as there'd be damage done to the bots and myself even from medium distances.

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    • Thank you so much for that! I'm glad to know that the mod is working good, just as intended. And yeah about the survivor damage haha. I totally forgot about it because i have a custom "gamemodes" with a lot of things on it, sooo maybe the "firendly_fire_factor 0" was the thing that prevented me from taking damage with the grenade launcher. So i wasn't expecting that as a problem xD. But i'm glad you fixed that! And take your time buddy, there's no problem with that
      Thank ya again and have a nice day!

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    • The mod has moved from alpha to beta.  I'm going to have to do a lot more testing before it is released and I don't know when that will be, though it will likely be no sooner than next month.  I had a real problem getting it to work as desired, because for a while the concussion damage was too severe even from a distance.  So, in other words the special would be terminated but the player would suffer too much hit damage.  I've got that problem solved now, but have only played through 1 of 13 campaigns.  I've already got some good screenshots though of kills of specials and of commons, so it is just a matter of time.  And you are listed as a co-author, as promised!

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    • That sounds great! Tell me if in any moment you have a doubt about it. Have a good day too!

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    • Well, I'm quite busy at the moment on things that have nothing to do with Left 4 Dead 2, but IF I end up making this improved mod and IF it works after testing it, I'll list you as a co-author of Version 2.0.  Have a great day Argos!

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    • For real? That sounds awesome! It would be a honor to be listed as co-author. For real thank ya very much, it was a pleasure to help you. Any doubt about what i said of the gamedata just tell me

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    • Well thanks for that.  By the way, if this ever does get done would you like to be credited in some way?  At the very least I'd mention you gave me a hand, but technically I could even list you as a co-author if you want.  It would be up to you of course.

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    • Yeah, that's what i thought. An update will be awesome for every people who downloaded or is going to download the mod. Now they will have no reason to complain, and also they would enjoy the power of a super grenade launcher. With the extreme values you were using it will be one shot and half map will blow up haha 
      For real i wanted to share this. And why? Because not every person knows how to edit scripts like us. Soo they will be very happy with the updated "Awesome Grenade Launcher"

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    • Well, I'm retired but I'll try that eventually anyway.  If it seems to improve things maybe I'll release an updated version (though I'm not making a comeback!)

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    • It is a pleasure! By the way, i didn't tell you what you have to do in order to improve the damage of the grenade launcher. It's easy, you have to modify the file "gamemodes.txt". and add a few lines under the text convar {
      grenadelauncher_damage (and your amount) In my case: grenadelauncher_damage 10000
      grenadelauncher_radius_kill (it defines the size of the explosion radius) In my case: grenadelauncher_radius_kill 750 (which is very big) 
      3: grenadelauncher_radius_stumble (it defines the radius of stunning) in my case: grenadelauncher_radius_stumble 1000
      4: grenadelauncher_velocity (it does what it says lol) in my case: grenadelauncher_velocity 3600 (which makes the grenades fast as diarrhea, but be careful with that one, if you increase the value above from what I'm saying the grenades will stop hitting on the crosshair making the gun almost useless. 3600 is fast and more than enough)
      Hope that helps

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    • Thanks for the nice review- and for the translation Argos!

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