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  • Crowley1661

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    Overpowered mess

    - Breaks other script mods that have BETTER common/uncommon infected selection - seriously, are the riot cops too hard for you?
    - completely ruins any challenge the game might've had by grossly overpowering pretty much every weapon.
    This mod was made for noobs who want every shot to instakill everything. Avoid like the plague if you don't play with God Mode turned on.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • Well I guess I should have stayed retired.  You are of course entitled to your opinion but I'd like to point out the following:  you can't have script mods installed at the same time that conflict with one another because they are both trying to make changes to the exact same file.  If you have script conflicts they will, on average, always cause trouble whereas other types of conflicts MIGHT cause trouble.  It is very important to look at the Addons section and see if mods that are scripts show up in red because unlike conflicts among mods that changes models for example, if two script mods conflict you are ALWAYS going to have trouble instead of sometimes.  Sometimes conflicts with models for example are just caused by similarities in models names  and the mods actually work fine together.  That said I'm planning an update of this mod, it will be version 2.0 so I'm planning a lot of changes and one of them will be a new population file because you are not the first person to tell me they don't like the population.  I might release it on Halloween when I'm releasing other new mods, but I can't guarantee it will be done that soon as I must test if obviously.  However, since you obviously don't like overpowered script mods you probably won't like that one either but I'm sorry because I can't please everyone!

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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