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  • EshmawyMan

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    Thank you, enjoyed!

    Finished this campaign on Expert Single Player Mode, playing for the first time in 1hr, 24min & 0 Restarts. 
    Checkout my complete walk-through for this campaign on Expert Single Player Mode:
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    & Press Enter
    Checkout my channel for more Walk-through videos for other custom campaigns on Expert Single Player Mode.
    It was a little bit wild upon starting and I encountered some bot navigation issues. That Bill bot got stuck twice by that deck where that boat exists and inside that warehouse where that car breaks into the wall. There is that white door we find after going up the ladder on chapter 1 that is sealed as if it's a safe room. The map is a little bit opened as multiple ways lead to the safe room while there is a big space underground where a Spitter spawned and was right below our legs going around those tents searching for it. It was funny. 
    Chapter 2 was so open like chapter 1 and even more. There is a ghost car with alarm that was about to get stepped on by me and it was a funny moment. The safe room door for that chapter was a common room door not the regular safe room door. 
    Chapter 3 got another navigation issue inside that building we have next to that truck after we move upstairs as the gas truck will be behind that building as we step down to enter that building where Louis got stuck, but didn't die like Bill on ch1 and teleported after I finally used a command. The last panic event in that tunnel brought dozens of zombies from behind that generator where they shouldn't spawn from nothing like that.
    Chapter 4 / Finale was smooth and enough space to fight in the land of pyramids XD . That rescue helicopter came a little bit late from far away, but it was all good and organized.
    I am about to play another map of yours. It's really big one XD 
    Keep it up!

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