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Blackout Extended l4d2

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  • EshmawyMan

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    Thanks, I enjoyed!

    Finished it in 1hr, 32min & 4 Restarts on Expert Single Player Mode The first time playing it.
    I did enjoy your campaign as I can see each chapter got 1 panic event, then a safe room will wait ahead after few meters. The hardest & the longest chapter is 3rd chapter as my restarts are all on that chapter. This means I did it and passed ch 1, 2 & finale from first try. Chapter 3 also got 2 bugs, first one is we can move through trees after that hole in the floor where we jump down with no way back & the second bug is so annoying that when I get to that area right between the trailer blocking the way and the fence, bots won't shoot any zombie and they will become as if they are not there anymore. This caused one of the 4 restarts and the rest 3 restarts were simply because I shot one of the walking witches by mistake on 3 different runs. I got a silly question, what does that horn have to do with opening the market door? XD The finale was hard, but if you get to a safe zone to fight all hordes from it, it will be one of the easiest. Fighting 3 tanks on such finale is balanced and really good. 
    My rating is 4 stars because of these bugs I encountered on chapter 3. Here is my YouTube playlist, playing this campaign:
    Just copy the link, remove (\) Between letters of h\t\t\ps, w\w\w & c\o\m, then press Enter 
    Thank you & keep it up.

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